Shortlisting the Requirements Needed to Qualify as a Crane Operator

Today, one of the most demanding careers in Canada is that of boom trucks  and crane operators. With the older generation moving towards retirement, the need for qualified workers to fill the gaps is driving the construction industry into frenzy.

So, if you wish to earn good cash in a stable job, consider becoming a boom truck or crane operator.

In fact, if you don’t know where to start, this article can be of assistance. Check out the steps to take if you wish to build a career in crane operating.

Read on:

  1. Pick the Crane You Wish to Operate

Whether it is boom trucks, tower cranes, or mobile cranes you need to find out which will suit your purpose best. To understand this here’s breaking down the 3 types of cranes.

  • Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are built by construction companies at the worksite and are usually attached to the ground via concrete. These can lift up to more than 13 tones.

  • Mobile Cranes

These come attached to a vehicle and can move from one location to another. A mobile crane can lift up to 13 tons and is most applicable for moderate constructions.

  • Boom trucks

Combining the mechanisms of hydraulics, a boom truck is most suited to work in construction sites dealing with skyscrapers. These are mobile and can carry up to 18 tons of weight.

  1. Understand Province-Specific Needs

Different provinces have specific requirements when it comes to becoming a crane operator. One province may require a special course along with learning through apprenticeship. While certain provinces in Canada allow direct apprenticeship without involving certification degrees, it is best to enroll in a crane operating training program to understand the mechanisms of cranes best.

For example, let’s suggest that you have got an interest in boom trucks than to get your crane operator license form a reputed company it’s best to take the Red Seal certification exam. This consists of a 4-hour long apprentice exam which ensures a certified license once you qualify it with 70% marks.

  1. Go for a Crane Operator & Apprentice Training Program

As mentioned to specialize in crane operating the best solution is to go for a crane operator and apprentice program. The crane operator program will teach you every nook and cranny of operating cranes like mobile, boom and tower cranes.

Further, after you learn the basic ropes, under the apprentice program you can learn practically under licensed crane operators and build your knowledge on crane mechanism and ministrations.

  1. Pass the Crane Operator License Test

Last, but not least, to finally practice as a legal crane operator, you need your license for the trade. To achieve this, you need to pass the crane operator license exam. This requires firstly answering out questions in theory. Secondly, in the practical field, you’ll need to operate a crane in the presence of test proctor. Once they verify your capabilities, you can get the driving license for the vehicle and become qualified as a crane operator.

So, you go whether it is boom trucks, mobile or tower cranes, find which suits your needs best and get a certified license to practice as a crane operator today.

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