Captain Finn’s Seven Tips for Avoiding Shipwrecks

Captain Finn Andersen has been a professional mariner since 1965. Captain Finn holds a Master’s Certificate for coastal voyages and has specialized training in firefighting, lifesaving, and navigation. He likes to give advice and has several tips for avoiding shipwrecks

  1. Maintain constant vigilance.
    • Always be aware.
  2. Keep a proper look-out.
    • Always keep a lookout for your surroundings and other vessels.
  3. Use your charts and compass.
    • By understanding and using your navigation tools, you can travel safely.
  4. Fix your vessel’s position.
    • Take regular bearings so that you are always aware of your location. GPS (Global Positioning System), horizontal sextant, and radar or sight readings can help you do this.
  5. Put your fix on a chart.
    • Keeping a record of your position can help you to avoid surprises such as unexpected landmasses and currents.
  6. Proceed at a safe speed.
    • Your vessel should travel at speeds that give you and other mariners time to change course.
  7. Follow collision regulations.
    • Always understand and use the international rules of ocean travel.

And remember, the Sea Has No Mercy!

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