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Safe Harbour, Treacherous Seas

The waters of Vancouver Island can be placid and beautiful, or harsh and treacherous. It all depends on weather, currents, the experience-level of the crew, and the seaworthiness of the vessel.

Ships can drift past the entrance to the strait on strong currents, or get caught in the fog, like the Belvedere. Crews not familiar with the local geography can hit shallow water without warning. The Alpha, travelling without a proper chart, ran aground in 1900. Some captains, seeking to make ship-owners the fortunes they crave, have overloaded, capsised and sunk, the unfortunate end of the passenger ferry Iroquois. Like the Vanlene, modern vessels still run up on the rocks, even with advanced navigational instruments.

In this game, YOU make the decisions that determine whether your ship will hit the breakers, losing passengers and cargo to the icy ocean waters of Vancouver Island, or will sail ahead to a safe harbour … and a future of more risk-taking voyages through the Graveyard of the Pacific.

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