How to Become an Armored Truck Driver?

An armored truck driver is an armed guard who transports the money and the property from one location to the other. Due to the high value of the items which the armored trucks transport, it is typical of the people associated with this occupation to take precautions such as putting on bulletproof vests. The workers work in the offices and also inside the vehicles and most of their work includes traveling. In this job profile, there is a greater chance of the worker being injured or taken ill than in any other field. Here are some steps that you need to take if you want to become a driver of an armored truck.

Meet the Requirement of the State

The minimum requirement of a driver of armored trucks is being a high school graduate. Generally, the armored truck drivers are 21 years old. Nonetheless, the state might set lower minimum age requirement. Previously, driving experience or security varied from entry-level to about three years.

You would like to keep a driver who has a clean criminal record. An armored truck driver should have valid license and a clean record all the times. The employment process will also require background checks which includes the reviews of their criminal background.

Licensed as a Security Professional

In majority of the areas, a guard has to be licenses by the license authority of the state. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the applicants have to at least 18 years old to hold a driving license. Other requirements include the completion of classes regarding law enforcement topics. In order to be the driver of the armored trucks, you will also have to criminal background check. It is necessary to continue education if you want to renew your license of security personnel.

Get Firearms Permit or License

A state needs permit or license before a person might possess a weapon. Even though the drivers of armored trucks carry weapon, most of them should obtain firearms permit. Permit or license requirements include passing over the firearms training course along with an FBI figure print check. In some of the states, the guard has to take training along with completing a continuing education to renew the firearms license.

Certification for Career Advancement

Employees who are associated with security professionals might want to consider certification to show the future employees the level of their skill. There are some institutes that offer PSP or Physical Security Professional Credential. The candidates who have about six years of experience, a clean criminal record, and a high school diploma can take the certification exam to become the drivers of armored trucks. However, the bachelor’s degree holders need to have about four years of experience without a criminal conviction. Renewal will take place every three years and needs you to have 45 continuing education credits every renewal period.

The armored truck drives transports property and money from one location to the other. They have the skill to observe, communicate, and take decisions. Hence, if you want to become an armored truck driver, you have to ensure that you have these qualities.

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